Private Class

*Weekly class at BASE will be closed for Winter holiday and will be back opened on the 4th of January 2021. in the mean time, feel free to book a private class with me

Self build up, Couple's wedding dance and manymore 

"Fumy! I just want to say I am grateful that I discovered your class. It's unbelievable how much fun I have and how in just a couple of months your class has become an addiction I can't let go. I love the energy you bring, I love the fact that I can learn about a different culture through dancing, and I am so happy that at the age of 29 I discovered a vibe I didn't know I had in me. Yesterday's routine was amazing, keep up with your good work, and thanks for bringing people together ❤"
"I contacted Fumy to arrange an Afrobeat danceclass for my sisters hen do and needless to say it was so much fun. My sister really enjoyed herself as did the other bridesmaids, some of whom were not as comfortable with dancing previously. Fumy was instrumental in getting us all comfortable and tailored the class and dance moves to suit our overall skill level, put up with my countless song changes and even helped to mix the songs we would be dancing to. I would definitely recommend using her services, you won't regret it and she is of course an excellent dance teacher!!"